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When you think of Arctic Alaska, what comes to mind? For many, the picture is of teeming herds of caribou. And it's a true picture. This huge country is filled with this unusual deer of the earth's boreal regions. 

We hunt the eastern end of Alaska's fabled Brooks Range. Some of our hunts are in America's northernmost wildlife refuge. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge was originally set aside, in part, because of the abundance of caribou in the area.

Within Alaska are numerous individual herds, some resident in a small area, and others migrating vast distances. Antler configuration is fairly consistent among the herds with record book animals coming from each. Herd size and access probably have more to do with the number of record book animals taken from a specific herd than any other factor. 

Two herds are present in the area we hunt. Both are sizable, the largest numbering into the hundreds of thousands of animals. Both herds reside in the area year round. 

Caribou Hunting

During August, groups of bulls can be found on the ice fields that remain from the previous winter. They congregate on these ice packs to escape the summer heat and avoid the bugs of the arctic plain.

In mid August they move into the Brooks Range, resulting in very enjoyable hunting around many of our sheep camps. 

On occasion you may be privileged to see thousands of animals moving past your camp, a phenomenon you will long remember. A caribou is an excellent trophy to add to any hunt and a fine single species hunt for those new to Alaskan hunting. 

For those who have a special interest in this species, two animals may be taken. A second caribou may be taken on this hunt on a trophy fee basis. Wolf may also be taken on this trip with no trophy fee. If you would like to introduce your wife, son or daughter to hunting, an early August caribou hunt is an unsurpassed family value for a father/son or father/daughter combination. Why not spend some time with your child in Arctic Alaska? They will never forget it.

Caribou SheepWe will meet you at Deadhorse airport, above the Arctic Circle, and transport you to our well equipped base camp. From there we will fly you out to a comfortable remote camp where there are good numbers of caribou.

These are 2 X 1 hunts, and we believe you will enjoy your days with easy hikes in the hills and scanning for caribou across the seemingly endless vistas of this beautiful and wild land.

We would be delighted if you could join us next season. Please call or contact us today for more information about this hunt!





We have limited open dates for these hunts.

If you have a serious interest in a true trophy caribou hunt,
please call:
(907) 750-4882
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